The French Must Go.

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The French Must Go.
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The French Must Go. (St. Thomas Journal.) We have altogether too much French in Canada for Canada’s good. This is an English country in preponderance of numbers, in speech and in sentiment; and it is anomalous, degrading and dangerous for us to longer recognize a foreign language as official. It is anomalous that the people of a portion of one province should possess the right of speaking in a foreign tongue within the Federal House of Parliament, to the detriment and annoyance of six other provinces. It is degrading that the conquerors should permit the conquered to remain an insolated community, maintaining a language and customs separate and distinct from those of the successful nation, and thus ever prove a danger and a menace to the latter. The solid body of French who inhabit the province of Quebec is the most dangerous element to the success of confederation. Increasing at an alarmingly rapid rate, and maintaining the ideas and customs of 200 years ago, the French Canadians are nothing less than a huge obstruction lying in the path of Canada’s progress. They are a distinct nationality imbedded in the heart of the Dominion, keeping themselves to themselves, utterly devoid of the sentiment of loyalty to Canada, and the progressive ideas common to the rest of the country, and hoping for nothing more eagerly than the reestablishment of a French Dominion on this continent. That can never be, and the sooner our French brethern become convinced of the fact, the easier it will be for them to swallow the unpalatable dose which sooner or later will be administered to them. The time is coming, and noting is hastening it more than the conduct of the French themselves, when the English speaking provinces of the Dominion will refuse to longer bend the knee to Quebec, and will assert the right of British North America to be governed as a nation of Anglo-Saxons, in speech sentiment and custom.