"The Loyalist Idea"

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"The Loyalist Idea"
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“THE LOYALIST IDEA.” In the Rev. Mr. CURRIE’s eloquent lecture on this subject, which must prove a great help to our Loyalist Celebration, he referred, in glowing terms, to the gathering into a single city of the populations around the mouth of the St. John, including Portland, as a fitting Loyalist vision and idea, as it unquestionably is. What patriotic man, in either Portland or St. John, would not feel pleased to be a citizen of the fourth city in Canada, rather than a citizen of the seventh city? Who would not rejoice in a consolidation, on equitable terms, of the public offices and trusts connected with these communities, not only as a means of economy, but in order to improve the different branches of the public service? We notice that the Sun, in its notice of Mr. CURRIE’s lecture, suppressed what he said on the above subject. How very silly and ostrich-like! If there is nothing in the idea, whether it be a true “Loyalist Idea” or not, will not the people soon find it out? Why not give the facts to the public, and allow them to form their own conclusions? On so important a subject, treated in such a public place as the Institute, and with so much fullness and ability, in view of an approaching Centenary, it was a blunder, as much as a crime, for the Sun to suppress what Mr. CURRIE said on the St. John of the future.