New Brunswick and Local Historical Literature

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New Brunswick and Local Historical Literature
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NEW BRUNSWICK AND LOCAL HISTORICAL LITERATURE. The despatches from Halifax recently published in the Telegraph, a propos of the meeting of the Historical Society, the reading of Mr. HANNAY’s paper on LEBEL, and other matters, recall the fact that Nova Scotia is a liberal patron of local maritime literature, and that New Brunswick is not. This is honorable to the Sister Province, and not creditable to our own, which will undoubtedly have to take “a new departure” in this respect. Last session Mr. Elder endeavored to get a small grant – one that might never be needed – to indemnify the publisher of FENETY’s “Political Notes.” The proposition was opposed, and as the Government did not take a stand in favor of it, it was defeated. Yet the members of our local Historical Society, with their limited means and out of their own pockets, are endeavoring to publish that volume. But there are still more important records in connexion with our Acadian and Loyalist History, which require to be published, and can only be brought to light by Provincial aid. The Government and Legislature will have to enlarge their views before justice can be done to the early history and traditions of the country.